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So many Pieces to a puzzle.

January 15, 2017

Pieces of Accordance (#PiecesByRau) is my second book and extremely personal. If you've read the book, you know I had the privilege of growing up in a historic home in mid-Missouri. As the story goes, it was built by a saloon owner who's wife wanted to be a part of high society - so the ever abiding husband built her a Queen Anne Victorian house over on High Street. 

This house - my childhood home - was the first piece of inspiration for the book. There were so many cool, original features still intact with this house, but what happened to the original owners? I never did find out, so I wrote a story on their behalf - piece #2.


Then there is my hometown - Boonville - which is, in itself, a historic gem: 

- In 1861, the Battle of Boonville occurred during the Civil War.

- The region was established because Daniel Boone's sons operated a salt lick. 

- The Katy Trail runs right through the town and is a haven for bicyclists to this date. This is also part of the Lewis and Clark National Trail. 

- The original Cooper County Jail still stands and was touted as the longest running jail in Missouri history (1848 - 1979). Personally, I think it's haunted and scary - but tour it yourself to decide.

- Thespian Hall (piece #3) has been operating since 1855.

-More than 400 buildings are registered as being historic. No joke. Keep in mind the town is just a little over 8k people in population.


The list could go on and on...


There are many more pieces to the puzzle of #PiecesByRau and they are listed as fun facts in the back of the book. You'll have to read the tale to see how all the pieces fit together.




PS: Did I mention that twilight on the Missouri River has pretty dreamy views too? Inspiration is everywhere:) 












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