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"Only a year after moving to Salem, Sarah feels like she has everything she has ever wanted: a handsome husband, a witchy best friend, a family made up of incredible people, her own business and finally, she knows her heritage. After meeting Dooriya and discovering her gypsy lineage, Sarah was shocked to discover her own link to the infamous Salem Witch Trials. But as it turns out, she isn’t the only one with unknown connections to the town’s most notorious moment in time. When a dark stranger shows up in Kirsten’s bookstore claiming to be related to Betty Parris, new threads are once again woven into Salem’s history. But is it all really as it seems? Or are things too good to be true?Kirsten has been trying to help Sarah with her new magickal gifts, but the dark, angry man haunting her thoughts has left her to wonder if she really knows who she is. Or more importantly, who Betty was and what ailment Betty had truly suffered from so many centuries ago. With Sarah’s magick, will these two friends be able to learn the truth?"

Spellbound: Secrets, Spells and Tales

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  • Book Two of the Secrets, Spells and Tales" series.