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Six Weeks Seems Like So Little Time

Yet, it Seems Like So Much Time.

In 6 weeks, I’ve lost:

· 31lbs.

· A lot of hair. Like – a lot.

· Eczema that had started on my arms.

· Shirt sizes.

· Most of my coffee addiction.

In 6 Weeks:

· My sleep apnea has improved.

· My anxiety has gotten better.

· My body isn’t physically hurting from my anxiety.

· My energy has increased.

· My mood feels more stable.

In 6 Weeks:

· My self-esteem levels have shifted.

· I’ve developed new life goals.

· I’ve made new friends though my online support network.

· My addiction to BravoTV has remained steadfast.

· I’ve started working out again and it feels so good.

What were your first six weeks like?

VSG has been such a journey. Everyday is different. I'm now at the stage where I'm allowed to eat solid foods again, but still no processed grains, etc. I'm honestly still not able to eat much and probably eat more soft foods than anything else.

I've also completely redesigned my online store, so be sure to check it out!

Let's talk soon, shall we?


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