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My 10 Tips for Starting VSG!

Hi There! I upload these videos to my IGTV on Instagram, but in all honesty, it's a challenge. Thus, I caved in and started a YouTube channel. Please share and support!

Here are my 10 Tips for going into this journey.

Here are the things that helped me plan for VSG! I’m a little late to the YouTube game, as I’ve been posting my videos on my IGTV area of Instagram. Navigating the world of VSG - Gastric Sleeve Surgery - One Day at a Time! For more about me, visit my website, To listen to my podcast, check out Life With Liz on iTunes, Google Casts, Alexa, Podbean, PocketCast, The podcast App and more!

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Find me on Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and Facebook: Liz Rau Official

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