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Introducing Jessica!

Through out the month of August, I want to highlight several of the ladies who not only inspire me, but help myself and others throughout our bariatric journeys. Today - meet Jessica! This is her story, in her own words.


My sleeve journey didn’t just start when I decided to have surgery. It started a few years before that. In October 2017, I went to the dr for a physical. I stepped on the scale and almost threw up after seeing my weight! I weighed 300 lbs!! They did blood work and found I was in the beginning stages of diabetes. My heart stopped. How could I have let myself get this far?

They prescribed me some meds and an injectable. My Dr told me I could fix it with my diet. However, she said that if I didn’t get this under control, she said that if I didn’t want to, then she did not want to be my Dr anymore.

I walked out of that appt scared, disappointed, and felt hopeless!! I made tons of changes to my diet and ended up losing 20 lbs. however, that was all I could manage to lose. Paid money for exercise programs and diets, but always just lost those same 20 lbs. I did get my blood sugar in control. Just never the weight

December 2019, I decided I had enough and I was going to look into the gastric sleeve procedure. My Dr provided me with a surgeon.  Met with the surgeon to see if I qualified and if insurance covered it. I was in luck. It was covered. 6 months of weigh ins with my dr, phsyc evaluation, and endoscopy was all that insurance required.

During those 6 months, COVID happened. I found myself binge eating a lot!! My surgeon suggested I join an OA meeting. This was one of the best suggestions. The surgery only fixes the physical aspect, but doesn’t fix the mental. This is where OA comes in.

I had my surgery on June 10th, 2020. I had never had surgery before so I was scared. Luckily, everything went smooth! I woke up from surgery in pain, but they were quickly able to get that managed. I stayed one night in the hospital. Once I got home, I didn’t take any pain pills.

I have lost 30 lbs since surgery.

To keep up with Jessica's Journey, follow her on Instagram @Jcrossoils!

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