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Fifty Pounds Down, Many More To Go

Well, I worked hard and reached my goal to be down 50 pounds by Christmas.

It's so odd to say and realize that I've lost fifty pounds. That is a huge amount of weight!

It's so different walking into my closet and trying to find something that fits, worried that my clothes are too big. Like... what? I used to be scared everything would be too small.

Sometimes, I don't even realize I've actually lost the weight. No, really. I get shocked when I step on the scale for my weekly weigh in. I almost get frustrated when my new favorite sweater is now too large. I know, these are really problems for the real world. However, it mentally messes with me!

I'm thrilled to state that my hair loss has begun to slow down. That was emotional turmoil, believe it or not. I knew it was coming, but it was still like a punch in the shrinking gut, just the same. Maybe by the time next year, I won't look like such a ragamuffin with my hair down.

Overall, I down two sizes in jeans, three sizes in tops.

I'm lucky in the fact that, so far, I don't have a lot of saggy skin. That is something you see a lot in bariatric patients.

I have my six month check up next month, excited to see where my bloodwork is.

Well, this is me, y'all.

Until next time,


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