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Coming Soon!

Something Wicked This Way Comes!

I have a new series that's been swirling around in my mind for quite some time! It involved moxie, magic, mayhem and mystery!

"Sabrina Kent’s world is rocked upside down when her friend and confidant, Deputy Bryan, is suddenly murdered. And she’s the lead suspect!

When a tall, dark and handsome investigator shows up to handle the case, Sabrina feels an instant connection to him. It’s almost as if she’s known him her whole life.

Together, with her sister, cousin and aunt, they ensue on a crazy path of magic, mayhem and mystery!"

Available for pre-order on Kindle here.

More info to come soon. What do you think of the cover? Like it? It's something new and different for me!

Also, I created a new T-shirt to coincide with my newest book. Check that out here.

Use promo code: October20 for 20% any items in my shop.

Talk soon,


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