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Celebrating 1 Month Post Op - VSG

I had thought I didn't see much of a difference, aside from my face appearing a bit thinner. But when I look at my before and after photos, I can see the changes.

THIS is why every blogger/Instagrammer/YouTuber recommends taking photos of the VSG/RNY journey. Even if I don't physically feel different, the proof is in the photograph.

During my first two weeks post-op, I didn't feel my best. I could only have protein shakes and it took everything I could do to keep those down. There's no hunger post-op, unless it's mental. We THINK we should be eating, therefore our mind is telling us we're hungry. However, the hormonal part of the stomach is cut out during the removal of 80% of the stomach. So, physically, I just wasn't hungry.

I'm down 27lbs in total, 20lbs since surgery. And, I've stalled. I'm not worried though, because I've now been able to add soft foods to my diet. This means I'm getting more protein, but I'm also getting more calories. My body is adjusting and acclimating to it's new world. Of course my weight loss has stalled. Why wouldn't it? My body will adjust and then start losing again. That's how this journey works. 

I've also been able to add in more exercise. I'm still restricted, somewhat, from doing anything that engages my core. That means no weight training, kettle balls, resistance training, pilates, etc. So? Walk - I do. Elliptical - I do. Stretch - I do. Building my stamina one day at a time.

I've also had the pleasure of already losing quite a bit of hair. It was thin to begin with, so I've been rocking a lot of buns. My digestive system rides a rollercoaster every time I add something new to my diet. The dizziness is still hanging around, too - especially if I sleep in on the weekend and don't have water in my system first thing in the morning.

But - I feel better. I have more energy. My clothes are looser. My skin is clearer. My sleep getting better? (Anxiety is no joke, y'all). My knees aren't hurting. My mind seems clearer. My stress levels are lower. My boobs are getting smaller (thank the Lord) which is helping my lower back pain.

Progress is progress.

I also started a Youtube Channel, so I can share recipes that work for me. Being dairy free can complicate the VSG journey, but I find creative ways to get around it.

I started tracking my receipts on Fetch Rewards (phone app), which will help my wardrobe budget as my weight continues to drop. Fetch rewards tracks points for every receipt uploaded, which can then be exchanged for gift cards (like Target, Kohls and TJ Maxx). Sign up and use my referral code - GAF2H - and start earning your points today.

Plus, my good mood as lent itself into my creative outlet as well, so I've added some cute witchy stuff to my store. Check it out and if interested, use promo code Liz10 at check out.

Thanks for following my journey. Let's talk soon, shall we?


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