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Just Like Magic.

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

I've always believed in the idea of magic.

And sure, the word "Magic" instantly creates a specific image in your head, but that's an image specific to you, not to me. For myself, magic means a world of endless possibilities, stories yet to be untold, long-kept secrets tucked into the pages of history, whispers in the wind, the coziness that overcomes me when it rains, the comfort of a cup of coffee first thing in the morning, snuggling under a quilt by the fireplace, that child-like giddiness that overtakes me when reading a good book or watching a movie that has ensnared my imagination.

Magic is so many things to me and I try to bring it into every story I create. To me, magic is synonymous with the word "dream". And all of my stories typically start in one of my dreams.

That's how I developed many aspects of my "Secrets, Spells and Tales" series - through little bit a daydreaming.

The Trials came from my fascination of the time period around the Salem Witch Trials and from understanding that history continuously repeats itself, over and over, with witch hunts. Sure, the phrase may change over the years, but the fear behind them remain the same. So then, one boring day at my desk job in 2009, I started to think, what if there was more to the story? What if the witchcraft everybody feared was real? What if it never left? What if there was curse? What if Tituba was more involved? What if there was still an unknown connection of past and present? What if, what if, what if....

It really is not a story about witches, though I've been judged on that concept just the same by some folks. #Ironic

After writing The Trials, I realized that halfway through book one, I had left trails for more books. More stories! Subconsciously, I'd already written book number two in my head, (which is often what I'm doing when my mind drifts elsewhere). Thus, Spellbound began with the threads of time connecting Betty Parris into the present. Her past was as mysterious as one of the present day characters in the story. In real life, Betty played a very important and key role in creating the hysteria. (Well, allegedly, how do any us of really know the truth?) But, as my mind continued to swirl, I thought about what would have happened had Betty got the chance to apologize? And what type of magic could be attached to an apology?

Turns out, more than anyone might have thought. But book three, Magick, made it clear that no matter how much the present was changed, the past would always be connected. And what if there was someone who knew the realms of truth, perhaps a guardian of memories intertwined with reality? What magic could be kept in the past that never truly died? Though threads may unravel throughout time, perhaps it is only because those threads are weaving into a newer, shinier key? A key that unlocks a different secret?

This world is my favorite to dive into. It's creative, it is fun and there's a lesson behind each and every story within these pages. I'd love it if you gave it chance. The books and eBooks are available everywhere, but if you're one of the first five people to leave a comment on this blog, I'll send you a signed copy of the first novel for free. Otherwise, Amazon, Kindle, Nook, iBooks, Barnes & Noble, etc etc will help you find out more about the curses of Salem that connect that past with its present.

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