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Magick: It's a Holiday story.

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Magick: Secrets, Spells and Tales is a magical story that takes place in December. Did you know that?

"New threads are once again woven into the stories of Salem’s witchy history... Secrets of the witches three, a pirate and a guardian in disguise begin to tell a tale still unknown. With a kindred spirit to guide their way, will Kirsten and Sarah unravel this new spell? It’s just days after the opening of Spellbound Inn and Sarah cannot believe her good fortune. She has a family made of friends, a husband and a home to call her own. With her trusty furball Hanks by her side, what could possibly go wrong? Now that Hawke’s discovered his gypsy lineage, how will his shadow magick change? And, when a stranger shows up claiming Dooriya stole something that is rightly his, will he believe her? Especially after this stranger checks into Spellbound Inn..."

Be sure to grab your paperback copy on Amazon - just in time for Christmas! Or where all eBooks are sold. Learn how this epic story ends!

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