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The Poet In Me.

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

When Liz finds a poem she wrote in 10th grade, she can't help but think it could make one awesome country music song. Taylor Swift could never, folks.

Plus, Below Deck, RHONJ, RHOD and RHONY updates!

Need more of the poem? See below:

"Tired" by Liz Rau.

I’m tired of the violence

All the long drawn-out wars

I’m tired of all the nudities

All the sex without love

All these abandoned children

All these teenage parents in Hell

All these piling tragedies

All these broken families

Too many uncured diseases

Too many will die

Too many lost in affairs

Too many tears to cry

Yesterday you were here

But today you are gone

Yesterday was bright with sun

But today is shattered by rain

I’m tired of all those walking the streets

All those drug-starved souls

I’m tired of all those lost in the shadows

All those who will never know

I’m tired.

2019 Copyright of Daisy Rau Industries, LLC.

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