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Day 27 - Riverdale Road

Riverdale Road

When it comes to worlds most haunted roads, Colorado’s Riverdale Road is at the top of the list. It’s located in Thornton, Colorado and is a 11 mile stretch of road that has been in numerous ghost stories and legends. It’s said the the stretch of road is actually cursed and anything that sits on or near the road will suffer at the wrath of this curse.

Many who have been to this creepy location say they won’t go back. You have others who say they didn’t witness anything but that the area is extremely creepy and that they felt like something was watching them the entire time. One of the most infamous stories is that of a house that was built along the roadway some decades ago. It’s said that the man who lived there was actually possessed by the devil and that he eventually killed his family and burnt down the house before he killed himself.

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