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Day 24: Auras

In my books, I often use auras in all aspects. The color of the sky, moods, wind, sunsets, even jewel colors involve aura colors. But I think it's interesting to divulge exactly what they mean...

Aura’s – What colors can mean

Red– Red aligns itself to the most powerful of colors and often is a fleeting color. The element attached to the color can be either positive or negative, as it can reference anger, lust, passion or even heart-related conditions as red also represents blood.

Pink– This color is often indicative of love and that of a sensual person. Pink can also indicate the owner of the aura as an artist or psychic. Dark pink, however, can mean dishonesty and immaturity.

Yellow–This color often indicates a playful nature, as well as inspiration and spiritual awakenings. A paler shade of yellow often indicates a repurposed sense of exhilaration or a spiritual ability discovered later in life; perhaps found on a spiritual journey of discovery.

Orange-People with orange auras can be the life of the party, but are also likely to be consumed by mood swings. Often scientific minds or those that have perfectionism needs carry an orange aura as well, as this color indicates a love for details and challenges in the mind and body.

Purple– Purple hues can be associated with those that daydream often. Often this aura reflects a compassionate and calm individual. Violet hues represent visionaries and indigo tones may show a seeker that can peer in-between worlds.

Blue– Blue can often represent a calm mannerism in moments of strife or crisis; clairvoyance and a deep sense of intuition.

Silver– Silver is supremely positive and often represents spiritual abundance.

Green– Green often reflects on those that find themselves to be healers, teachers or a natural communicator. A dark green could represent a jealous nature though.

White– White, often associated with angels, represents purity.

Black– Black can easily indicate anger, but it also symbolizes a change in energy, as well as an unforgiving nature.

Grey– Grey can often refer to blocked energy.


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