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Day 19 - Ravenswood

Ravenswood, also known as the Leonard Home, is a historic home and farm and national historic district located near Bunceton, Cooper County, Missouri. It was built in 1880, and is a 2 1/2-story, eclectic Italianate/Second Empire style brick mansion. It has a low-angle Mansard roof covered with asphalt on top and grey, slate shingles on the slopes. Additions were made to the original house in 1907-1908, 1913 and 1914. Also on the property are the contributing summer kitchen (1869), the Tally-ho barn, the mule barn, a sheep barn, milk barn, carriage house, Manager's House, servants' houses, smokehouse, sheds, a garage, and a pump house.

Ravenswood was the grand home of wealthy couple Nadine and Charles Leonard. The home hosted many parties and was the place to be. Nadine died in a bedroom at age 90 and her body was taken out of the home for funeral preparation. A servant, attempting to retrieve clothing for the burial, found the bedroom door locked from the inside. They looked in the room by climbing a ladder and looking in the window. No one was there. They tried and tried to get the door open to no avail. Finally, a servant left to get tools to force the door open. Upon his return the door was open. Over the years, reports of other phenomenon have occurred, including objects being thrown, a music box playing, and sounds of music and laughter coming from the grounds.

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