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Day 12 - Marie Catherine Laveau

Where would we be in our stories of witches from around the world without a tale from New Orleans?

Marie Catherine Laveau was born a free woman of color and a Creole in Louisiana in 1801, the state where the Voodoo dolls were made famous. Laveau was a Voodoo practitioner, and became the very icon of the practice, known as the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans. According to folklore, she was a beautiful and wise woman who could easily intimidate anyone, even the police. She practiced medicine and world leaders came to her seeking advice. She was greatly talented in performing Voodoo rituals and held the rank of Supreme Witch. She performed necromancy, mind control, telekinesis, and pinning, and had thousands of adepts. During a ceremony she held in 1874, 12,000 participants attended the event. She died peacefully in her home in 1881. Her daughter, Marie Laveau, also practiced Voodoo, as well as Haitian Voudou.

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