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Gypsy Folklore - Day 29

In many cultures, magic is an integral part of everyday life. The group known as the Rom is no exception, and they have a strong and rich magical heritage.

The word gypsy is sometimes used, but it's considered a pejorative. It is important to note that the term gypsy was originally used derogatorily to refer to the ethnic group known as the Romani. The Romani were -- and continue to be -- a group from Eastern Europe and possibly northern India. The word "gypsy" came from the mistaken notion that the Romani were from Egypt rather than Europe and Asia. The word later became corrupted and was applied to any group of nomadic travelers.

Today, people of Rom descent live in many parts of Europe, including in the United Kingdom. Although they still face widespread discrimination, they manage to hang on to many of their magical and folkloric traditions. Let’s look at some examples of Romani magic that have lasted through the ages.

Click here to find out more, including why water is powerful to a gypsy.

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