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The first Ghost story

Tales of ghosts, the wandering of hapless souls of those that have passed beyond the mortal coil, can be found among the folklore of many cultures and spanning thousands of years of history. From Biblical accounts, to tales of the pharaohs of Egypt, to ancient Greece, to Asian dynasties, to medieval Europe, to the New World and beyond, these stories have both frightened and captivated the imaginations of humankind. The topic of life beyond death has been fertile ground for authors, poets, and storytellers, as the afterlife is the only frontier that, once explored, seems never to be fully revealed to the living. Read some of the more notable history of ghosts, and especially, ghost sightings.

History of Ghosts: The Ghost of Samuel Perhaps the earliest recorded ghostly encounter can be found in the Bible’s Old Testament, specifically 1 Samuel 28:3-25. In the account (written approximately 930 B.C.), Israel’s King Saul finds his nation on the verge of war with the Philistines. Saul is terrified and seeks God for guidance. However, God does not respond to Saul in visions, through the words of prophets or by any other means. Saul, therefore, seeks the help of a medium to conjure the spirit of Samuel the prophet, who had been dead and buried years before. Saul indeed finds his medium, the so-called “witch” of Endor, who subsequently succeeds in calling forth the spirit of Samuel. Samuel then informs Saul that God has torn the kingdom out of his hands, due to his disobedience, thus delivering the kingdom of Israel to David. Find more Ghosts in the Bible.

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