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The Potato Recipe that will change your entire plate.

As you may have guessed, I love all things Fall.

Day 3 of 31 Days of October!

Including... recipes. And this potato recipe tastes like Fall Goodness. It will dress up any dish and have your dinner guests begging for seconds.


* Yukon gold potatoes - at least 7 med size

*Fresh rosemary - 2tsp

*Rubbed sage 1/2 tbsp

*Earth Butter - 3 tbsp

It's simply, really. Boil the chopped potatoes and drain, leaving some on the starchy water in the pot. Chop up rosemary, add to cooked potatoes. Then add in seasonings, butter, and mash. I use an actual potato smasher, as I prefer the rustic look. Stir for flavor consistency and serve.

My Russian loves these and I usually serve with roasted veggies, whatever is fresh for the season. The flavors are savory and make your kitchen smell just like October.

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