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Wizard of Oz Fun Facts

Wizard of Oz is one of my favorite all time movies.

1.) I love Judy Garland films.

2.) The wicked witch laugh and look is iconic.

3.) I played the Wizard in a small town ballet in 7th grade.

4.) The lines of still classic and usable in today's age. Horse of a different color anyone?

and there are many more reasons, including all the fun facts I continue to learn!

Did you know....


More so than the braids, the toy Toto, or even the blue-and-white ginghamdress, those sparkly ruby-red shoes are the key to any Dorothy Gale costume. But one of the most important images of the enduring Wizard of Oz mythos did not come from the mind of author L. Frank Baum, but instead from Oz screenwriter Noel Langley. In The Wonderful Wizard of Ozbook series, Dorothy’s shoes were made of silver. However, Langley recommended the slippers be changed to ruby for the film due to the fact that the bright red hue would show up much better against the Technicolor yellow brick road.

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