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Happy Birthday Dash!

October 22nd is a pretty special day in our household. This is the day we celebrate the birth of our first born, our dog, Dash! Dash has an overactive appetite to say the least. We thought what better gift than a cheeseburger to give to this food loving dog. So every year we all pile in the car and go to a drive thru and order cheeseburgers all around. Before we give Dash this beloved treat, he has to work for it. We make him take a picture with his cheeseburger to mark another year. Sometimes he balances the cheeseburger on his head and other times he poses next to it. The struggle is real for him during this time. After the photo shoot we sit down for a family dinner of cheeseburgers. Dash couldn’t be happier with this tradition and this is why we love October 22nd!

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