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Pumpkin Beer Taste Test

In the beer world, October is known for two things: Oktoberfest (obviously), and the onslaught of Pumpkin beers! Oktoberfest as a celebration has a rich history which would be a shame to glaze over, so consider this a warmup! Plus, the Oktoberfest post will have a larger sample of beers for your perusal (and my enjoyment).

1.) Dry Dock Imperial Pumpkin - 9% abv

Ale brewed with Pumpkin and Spices, cellared since fall 2015.

Color: hazy, with a nice light-amber color.

Nose: mild sourness to start, with a bit of roasted coriander nuttiness.

Palate: medium body. Slightly sour pumpkin with some nutmeg. Tastes kind of like that awesome spot in the pie where the crust meets the filling.

Finish: a little more spice comes through on the finish, with a tinge of bitterness at the very end.

Thoughts: a pretty solid pumpkin ale. I'd rate it slightly higher if it didn't have those sour and bitter notes.


Tony: 4/5

Russian: 3.5/5

2.) Southern Tier Warlock – 10%

Imperial Stout brewed with Pumpkin - cellared since fall 2016.

Color: motor-oil-black. I'd love to tell you if it's hazy, but it's way too dark to tell.

Nose: cocoa and vanilla, roasted coffee beans.

Palate: a heavy dose of pumpkin pie crust with tons of vanilla. Not a lot of straight pumpkin flavor. Hints of nutmeg here and there.

Finish: finishes with a lingering cocoa note that reminds me of a Wendy's chocolate frosty. Has a hint of dark chocolate bitterness, and hints of slightly burnt pie crust that has a little pumpkin on it.

Thoughts: there's barely any pumpkin in this beer, as it's mostly chocolate and baking spice. As such, it doesn't really fit into the pumpkin category, but is still a standout stout!


T: 4/5

R: 4/5

3.) 2017 Avery Rumpkin - 16.9% abv

Ale brewed with pumpkin and spices, aged in rum barrels.

Color: dark amber with a fair bit of haze.

Nose: not much on the nose except a hint of whiskey. the ginger shows up after some air.

Palate: gingerbread with a ton of spice. Slightly peppery, pumpkiny, rumy spice.

Finish: rummy pumpkin with loads of vanilla.

Thoughts: this is a legit pumpkin ale, with quite a bit of pumpkin and gingerbread. A bit too sweet to be enjoyed, but not at all boozy considering the high ABV.


T: 4/5

R: 3.5/5

4.) Avery Pump[KY}n – 17.22%

Porter brewed with pumpkin and spices, aged in bourbon barrels. Cellared since spring 2015.

Color: nearly pitch black.

Nose: dense coffee, dark chocolate, and nutmeg. Can definitely feel the bourbon influence here.

Palate: full bodied and robust. Flavors include roasted malt, sweet chocolate cake, and roasted malt.

Finish: finishes with a roast malt and cocoa, similar to that Wendy's chocolate frosty flavor. Cloying sweetness.

Thoughts: this is a heavy hitter that takes quite a bit of effort to get through. Like the Warlock, there's not a lot of pumpkin here, which makes it tough to truly consider in the category. Even with age, the malty sweetness was overwhelming.


T: 3/5

R: 3/5

Bonus - 50/50 mix of Rumpkin and Pump[KY]n

Color: super dark brown

Nose: rummy, roasted pumpkin.

Palate: sweet roasted cocoa and nutmeg. Very slight gingerbread notes.

Finish: sweet vanilla. Too sweet to really enjoy.

What's your favorite Pumpkin ale?

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