Falling in Love with Trollbeads this Autumn

Falling in Love with Trollbeads this Autumn

As Autumn begins our style choices begin to change. We start to wear more earthy tones. We grab out our sweaters and scarves. In the jewelry world we start to see a change in choices that people choose to wear.

The Trollbeads Collection offers options for bracelets, rings, earrings, and necklaces that can be interchanged with silver, gold, copper, glass, and stone beads. This line is essentially a charm line and “Every Bead has a Story.” The wonderful thing about Trollbeads is that you can design a fall look with colors and beads that fit your personality. This year’s Autumn collection “Nature’s Promise” offers a beautiful selection of beads and tones that can adorn any outfit.

The Forest Secrets Kit and the Forest Life Kit offers an array of earthy tones; greens, browns, creams, oranges with a beautiful design within each bead. Strawberry Quartz and Cat’s Eye Quartz make a beautiful edition to the stones within the Trollbeads collection.

In Sterling silver, three new spacer beads join the Trollbeads line. The Sneaky Fox spacer, the Night Sky Spacer, and the Capsule of Life Spacer will look perfect on a bangle or foxtail bracelet/necklace. The Best of Both Bead, Leaves of Love Bead, Shape of Magic Bead, the Wise Owl Bead, the Infinity bead, the Intertwined bead, and the Shelter Bead provide beautiful designs with an Autumn theme. The Wise Owl Bead features acorns and leaves on its backside.

Two new Locks join the collection; Trunk of Treasures lock and Best of Both lock can create the perfect clasp for your bracelet or necklace design. The Star Bangle and the Star Ring of Change are the new carriers this Autumn. Each gives a fun new look to the Trollbeads Collection.

Creating the new look for Autumn has never been easier. For more information on the Trollbeads collection visit us at Gordon Jewelers in Boonville, MO. Let us help you find your story with Trollbeads.

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C.Viertel Oct. 2017

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