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Fun in the Autumn Months

Fun in the Autumn Months

Autumn brings the time of year when it’s cool enough to start wearing sweaters and scarves. We often think of Autumn with pumpkins and apples. We burn candles that smell of pumpkin spice, Apple Pie, and Crème Brule. We begin to prepare for the two big holidays of the season Halloween and Thanksgiving. This season we plan to create and partake in kid friendly activities that will teach and encourage our kids to enjoy the Autumn months.

Our first seasonal activity we had fun with painting wooden pumpkins. I have 3 children, Cole (6), Kayleigh (3), and Elizabelle (1). For this activity Cole and Kayleigh used enamel paint on a wooden pumpkin. The kids first painted their pumpkin orange. A day later they each painting faces on their pumpkins. My son actually ended up painting his pumpkin black and went back and added a face in yellow. As you can tell for a six year old and a three year old we had different looking pumpkins, but they both had fun and enjoyed the activity.

While they created their pumpkins I painted four old formula cans orange and created the word “fall” with the cans. These will adorn our mantle until it’s time to begin decorating for the next season.

Other activities we plan on partaking in this Autumn include going for a trail walk on the Katy Trail. Walking around Rivercrest farm looking for signs of Fall and observing the plants and animals. Watching the combines come in and combine the corn and the soy beans. Going to the local pumpkin patch and finding a pumpkin to carve.

C.Viertel Oct. 2017

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