How to create fall stories with Trollbeads!

How to create your story with Trollbeads!

In 2008 when we first brought in Trollbeads to Gordon Jewelers I had no idea where to start when creating my bracelet. As Trollbeads was started in 1976 the collection already had a vast variety of colors and silver that the possibilities were endless.

My story is told within the silver beads in the Trollbeads line. One of the first silver beads I purchased was Thumbelina. I purchased this bead not because it had a meaning of a classic fairytale, but because I taught Preschool. So for me it represented the stories of the children I taught. From there I went through the Trollbeads book looking for more options. A few others I have: Panda to represent that I am a mother of children.

The Symbols bead for this bead has multiple meanings tied into one. The Unity bead because to me it looked like all the little children that I was working with on a day to day basis. Over the last nine years I have collected several beads in the silver line. All of them have a story, but each of them have a meaning for me alone.

So when choosing your beads think of the stories in your life. What’s important to you? Do you have children? Do you have a flower garden? Do you like animals? There are beads to match almost anything in our everyday lives. For children there is the Maternity Bead, or go outside the box and there are animals that represent mother and child. You like flowers, well there are silver and glass beads to create a beautiful bracelet. I know a lady that created a bracelet using all of the flower glass beads and silver beads. She owns a flower shop and the bracelet is beautiful it has many colors just like a garden or flower shop may have.

So where do you begin. What’s your story? Every bead has a story with Trollbeads. Start yours today with a bracelet, necklace, bangle, leather wrap the possibilities are endless.

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