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Apple Stamping Art

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

We recently took a trip to the local orchard to take a tractor ride, pick apples and fill up on apple cider donuts. My daughter had lots of fun picking apples and we ended up with way more than we could possibly eat, even with apple crisp served for every meal. To use up a few, we did an art project using apples as stamps. It was quick, easy and I was able to add some custom “art” to the mantel for a fall decoration. To create your own apple art:



Washable paints

Paper plates


Pour puddles of paint onto several paper plates. Cut apples in half to create your stamps. We also created a few extra stamps using the cores and various other shapes to give her more options. Dip the stamps into the paint and then create your art! We added some glitter as the paint was drying, because my daughter really, really loves glitter!

Thank for the cute idea Laura! Claire is super talented!

What's your favorite fall decoration? #31DaysOfOctober

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