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What Autumn means to me.

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Just the word ‘autumn’ incites such a special fuzzy feeling. Most people I talk to are sad to see summer go - and while I can appreciate the nostalgia of the season - I look forward to the hoodies, warm drinks, campfires, and crisp air. Most see days getting shorter, the foliage shriveling up, leaves turning brown. Some tell me it’s the most depressing time of year because everything dies and it’s time to go back to school and “real life”. All the while I’m thinking, fall is the most underappreciated and underrated season.

For just a few weeks of the whole year, the leaves on the trees grace us with vibrant shades of purple, orange, yellow, and red. The weather is warm enough to avoid a coat and cool enough to snuggle next to a campfire under a blanket in the evenings.

Growing up, my best memories involved nights of dinner over the campfire in our small backyard. Life was slower then, and as I have grown and now have my own family, those cool evenings by the fire make the ticking of the clock less overwhelming. Obstacles in life don’t seem so big, problems don’t seem so daunting, and stress seems to melt in the heat of the fire and your warm coffee… or cocoa… or tea. Whichever your preference, they seem to taste better relaxing under a blanket in the fresh air with a cold nose.

And don’t even get me started on hayrides, football food, jack-o-lanterns and apple picking. Life is too short to not appreciate every season you are in. So while others complain that they have to pack away their swim-suits, I smile and say a silent thanks to the season who gives me the same fuzzy feeling year after year.

Thank you Lindsey for your wonderful post!!!!

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What does October mean to you??

Thank you Lindsey for your wonderful post!!!!

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