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#31 Days of October.

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

What does October mean to me?

First, it’s my birth month – so that’s the very first thought that comes to my mind.

An extremely close second? Gosh, there are so many to choose from!

I love the crisp breeze that whips through my hair and carries the smells of fall foliage, pumpkins, chimney smoke, bonfires, cinnamon and apples. I adore the fall decorations that begin to cover the door steps and porches of homes across my neighborhood. The pumpkin patches that sprout up through town, offering cups of warm cider to children and adults alike.

There’s a whimsy that floats throughout the air as fall BBQs start gathering friends for laughter and fun. Football springs into arguably some of the best games of the season in October. Scarecrows come to life in the gardens just down the road and Starbucks finds a way to create the exact right flavor to make you smile.

Do I like October? No. I LOVE October. It’s pure magic.

I challenge you to love October too! I’m giving you a challenge, dear readers, to post #31DaysOfOctober on your social media page(s) that shows what you enjoy during the month of October. And in the meantime, check into my blog to see a new post of each day of October – all 31 days. You might just get inspired yourself.

Let’s do it! Tag Liz Rau Official on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram of what your post is! I’m anxiously awaiting to see why YOU love October too!

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