Spellbound: Secrets, Spells and Tales

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

With everybody book I complete and publish, I'm always amazed that so many friends and family are willing to help. This is why I always include my "Thank You's" in the back of every book, as I could never walk this path alone.

Spellbound was no different:

Major thanks to my parents! My Dad could be my book manager! I love that my books get passed around his office. Mom, thank you for being the first person to read my stories! Sorry that I always have so many mistakes!

Lindsey and Candace, THANK YOU for editing Spellbound! I appreciate and value your feedback!

Mat, Tony and Georgia, thank you for helping me learn Photoshop. Amateur does not even begin to describe my level with the program and your assistance was kind and very helpful!

My Russian, thank you for being my idea soundboard and my tech support. I’ll pay you in homemade apple pies for life.

Facebook Fans, thank YOU for your feedback! You’ve made choices in this novel that will have an effect in Book 3…

To all my friends in the travel industry, thank you for reading my stories and being excited for my journey as an indie author. I value our friendships.

Lastly, thank you Gordon Jewelers for selling my books locally in my hometown of Boonville, MO. As an indie author, your support is very generous and means the world to me.

Look for Spellbound on my estore, Amazon and all major online book retailers!

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