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Pieces of Accordance once had different pieces to its puzzle...

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Want to learn a fun fact?

Pieces of Accordance once had a very different feel to the story. This novel began when I wrote two short chapters entitled, "Story of Walls" on July 4th, 2007. It's true!

All the characters had very different names, and the story actually opened with a realtor giving he lead character a tour of an old home:

Story of Walls, original chapter one:

“This house was built in the late 1800s. Owners over the years have remodeled it repeatedly and others have tried to renovate and return the house to its original state and charming appeal.”

Elizabeth Warren had no doubt at all the house had charm in the 1800s or even presently. The moment her eyes laid rest on the Queen Anne Victorian and all its beauty, Elizabeth knew she had found home. She had found a place to start.

The home was decoratively painted in shades are gray and blues that somehow matched quite harmoniously. Deep red accents on the porch spindles and above the main windows added a smile to her eyes. The basement had been set in stone and was visible behind small garden beds on both sides of the porch. This led Elizabeth to theorize about secret passageways and the stories behind them. The porch was absolutely gorgeous and she could see that it used to wrap around towards the dining room side of the home. Now a rather huge pine tree stood instead. The tree was so large she assumed it was nearly a hundred years old. Two of favorite appeals to the front of the home, however, were the two original stain glass windows that faced the streets. They were antiques and firmly in placed, ‘As they should be,’ she thought.

“Now you see these two archways in the hallway leading from the foyer towards the kitchen? These haven’t been here but fifty years. Originally this house was built with a grand stairway that wrapped slightly, as to lead into the parlor, but not nearly enough that it blocked entry from the front doorway. Now let’s go over here. As you see in the parlor, as well and in the dining room and the living room, there are these mantle pieces. These are original and owners a few years back or so restored them. The fireplaces haven’t been used in a very long time, probably since the original owners. As you can see, each is finely decorated to each room, or at least what each room used to be…..” the portly-round salesman walked through the second pocket doorway into the dining area, his shoes slightly tapping as he walked.

Elizabeth barely registered the sound in her brain as she followed him. Her mind was still on the grand stair case and she could practically feel the ball going on around her. She immersed herself completely into her thoughts as she felt tied to this home, as if it owned her. She had known she was going to buy it, she had never felt so at peace before. She wondered though, why nobody had snatched it up yet. The salesman had said it been on the market for nearly five years and that people didn’t tend to stay with it very long before they moved on. As far as she was concerned, these walls had stories to tell.

Another fun fact? The prologue in the published version of Pieces of Accordance was actually the last bit to be written.

Books go through many variations and stages, just as the actual story of our lives do.

What do you think? Should I have kept the original title?

Go to any online book retailer, Amazon or Kindle to get your copy of the published version today!

Maybe I'll share the original chapter two sometime as well...

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