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Liz Rau in Bookstores!

April became a very exciting month for me as an author. As an independent (indie) author, my books have been sold only online... until now. The Tattered Cover, a Colorado book store, is now selling me in 3 of their locations!

I have to say, seeing my book on their shelf was pretty an amazing feeling!

I write because I enjoy it, not because I'm trying to be the "next big thing". To be able to create a world using my imagination is a source of creative therapy for me. This brings a blissful serenity to my life that is so soothing and wonderful, I will never be able to fully explain it. In a nutshell, it makes me happy.

I become saddened looking at today's world and seeing how little the arts are involved in the lives of children today. Cellphones, tablets, video games, snapchat... pick up a book! Paint a picture! Go outside and play pretend! The world will never have enough creativity!

Thank you Tattered Cover for selling Liz Rau books! I'll try has hard as I can to NOT go into your stores and place my books in the windows!

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