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Lost Treasures?

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

I find myself feeling sentimental tonight and reminiscing on just how different my life was four years ago. I was living in Missouri, working in a graduate admissions department for a college by day - operating dance classes and YMCA youth plays by night - and suffocating in a bubble.

It's not to say I didn't enjoy those aspects of my life, but ever the dreamer, I just thought that there had to be something more to life.

And I was right.

I left my hometown, my cushy comfort zone, friends, family and a hobby I had lived and breathed for over 17 years . . . and found out that life is one epically cool adventure when you let it be. Yes, it was difficult and there were moments I thought I was crashing instead of cruising along, but I was in charge of making this new life my own.

Leaving my bubble, I discovered who I was.

I became more confident.

I let go of "friends" that weren't really friends at all, but just people I'd known for years.

I lost friends who no longer seemed to need me.

I started to see the world through sunlight and colors.

I started writing again - a hobby I had stopped because a teacher once told me I had no talent in it.

I discovered that as long as you find joy from a hobby... you don't have to possess talent for it ;)

I allowed myself to date, and date I did. (That'll be it's own book one day. Oh the stories...)

I discovered making new friends is difficult.

I quit caring how I am perceived.

I made mistakes.

I have laughed more.

I no longer feel so out of place in life.

I have found that lost treasures aren't really such treasures in certain circumstances. Things I thought I lived and breathed for were in fact just part of that old comfort zone. I relied on what I knew I could do, not what I wanted to try in life. Word of advice: Don't do that.

Try to challenge yourself. Get out of your bubble. Believe in your dreams.

Life is always full of new treasures.

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