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Finding Inspiration

Updated: Jun 1, 2020


What an strong and powerful word.

Really, I mean it. There are many who wander for inspiration, many who feel like they may never find it. Inspiration is just an ideal to some, just a word to others and to people like me, it's everything.

I always get my best ideas when my mind is clear. This could be when I'm driving down the road zoned out to music, or when I'm working out and get a burst of energy. Sometimes reading books or watching movies creates inspiration for me. There is something about the golden era of Hollywood movies with Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire and Judy Garland that still allude to the fantasy of creating a world bigger than reality. There was a certain magic to movies then, when the grandeur of overwhelming and realistic sets were created - versus the green screen world of today - and knowing these actors had to be a character in that world in order to tell the story... it was a fantasy. Inspiration would have been a key to their characters.

I challenge you to look at the world around you and really, truly SEE it. I bet if you sat in a coffee shop, airport or restaurant, you might see something that wasn't there before. A story, a feeling or a character unlike your own. You may just get inspired yet.

I personally would like to see what you do with that inspiration because not every inspiration lends itself just to a writer or artist community. No, most inspirations are actually far more human and personal. And hopefully you'll be inspired to be kinder, more generous and open-minded.


The world needs more of it.


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The Trials Secrets, Spells and Tales

Pieces of Accordance

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