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Notes from Liz.

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

When I was writing "Pieces of Accordance" I decided I wanted to start writing a letter to my readers at the end of each book. My letter this time was - at it's core - a plea for people to be themselves... and be comfortable with that.


"notes from liz.

As I sit here, pondering exactly what to write, I am thinking about my family and my childhood. Life is funny, isn’t it? When you’re a kid growing up in a small town, you simply can’t wait to get out of it. But now? Reflecting back on my life, I realize I draw so much inspiration from that small town life. My hometown is exactly what inspired this book.

My creativity sparks from the fact my parents encouraged my ability to use my imagination. I’ve never lost my passion to create stories, to daydream in the clouds, or sometimes think, “What if this had happened instead?” It’s in those moments that a story can be born. Following it through is the hard part.

I challenge you to review your life, both in present and past, and to learn who you are in this world. After that, I challenge you to aspire to your dreams. After all, there’s no reason to wait until tomorrow, is there?"

We are own project, our own responsibility to ourselves and we have to commit to being the best we can be.

Today was an important day in U.S. history and whether people were in support of the event or not, it happened. And I found myself reflecting on my own aspirations has the day transpired onward with coverage of the historical day and all that it presented.

Then I thought about what would happen if we as a country self-reflected as a whole. What would change?

Food for thought.


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