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"How do you have time to write?"

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

"How do you have time to write?"

This is the number one question I get - almost on the daily, actually.

Sure, I have a full time job, (that I love) and yeah, it takes up the majority of my day. Yo - that's why it's called work.

But I am a person who strongly believes in a work - life balance. This, combined with an endless list of things I want to see/do/accomplish in this lifetime, means I make the time.

We - as a society - do not concentrate enough on ourselves, our own happiness, our goals... nor do we focus on enjoying life. Sure, we're "adulting", but does that mean we have to stop reaching for the stars? I like the stars. Stars are dreamy, sparkly and gleaming beacons to the otherwise vast universe full of the unknown.

In 2016 - in my 30th year of wishing I could do "this or that" - I made a conscious decision to quit the hopeful wishing for "one day" & start checking things off my invisible bucket list, (that I never actually got around to writing - so that's on the list...)

I mean, what was I waiting for?

There's absolutely no reason to when it comes to yourself, your goals, your dreams. As far as my outlook on life goes - creativity, determination and willingness are my responsibility.


No one else can give me the drive that I need within myself in order to be who I want to be.

And since I made that decision to start living my life, I view the world differently - I really do. I find inspiration everywhere, but mostly in aspects of life I used to think were so ordinary.

I laugh more.

I try new things.

I explore.

The unknown is now full of endless & wonderful possibilities.

Trying things that seem scary bring fulfillment.

I went through the self publishing process and now have two books out in the literary universe, with more to come.

And - I opened myself up to the judgment and ridicule of others because I essentially stepped outside the box and WAY outside of my comfort zone. (In hindsight, the opinions of others is likely what caused my hesitation in life. But no more.)

I posted my first book, The Trials: Secrets, Spells and Tales on social media and the snickers, snide comments and jokes followed almost instantaneously:

"Now she's an author?"

"Does she think she's a witch?"

"She's photoshopped her face."

"Terrible book."

"What a dumb story."

...and there were more. Because if you don't say it to my face, it doesn't count right? Social media makes people brave, but not always in the best way.

But - I no longer cared about the opinions of others.

I was writing for me.

I published the book for myself.

This was one of MY goals in life.

I write for me, myself and I - not the favorable opinions of judgy minds.

It's important to note that for every negative remark or eyeroll I've experienced, a kind word has also been given to me. I find this kindness is worth bearing the unkind because a smile is worth more than a frown.

Creativity has always been my therapy. Throughout my life I've used different crayons from the creativity box: dance, choreography, theatre, film, etc. I hope there's always a little creative sparkle in my life. This is where I find my balance in this crazy, chaotic world.

So, to sum up this blog - because yes, I know I ramble - find the time to do something you've always wanted to accomplish. If it's a true desire, you'll make the time.

So yeah, I make the time to write.

- Liz

PS: Look for #TheTrialsSST and #PiecesByRau on Amazon, Kindle, Create Space,, or shop on this website.

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