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And sure, the word "Magic"  (or Magick?) instantly creates a specific image in your head, but that's an image specific to you, not to me. For myself, magic means a world of endless possibilities, stories yet to be untold, long-kept secrets tucked into the pages of history, whispers in the wind, the coziness that overcomes me when it rains, the comfort of a cup of coffee first thing in the morning, snuggling under a quilt by the fireplace, that child-like giddiness that overtakes me when reading a good book or watching a movie that has ensnared my imagination.


Magic is so many things to me and I try to bring it into every story I create. To me, magic is synonymous with the word "dream". And all of my stories typically start in one of my dreams.


Discover "Secrets, Spells and Tales"

Discover "Pieces of Accordance"

Discover "The Savannah Article"

Discover "A Hex in the West"

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