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Tales from Liz's daydreams

There are many things that I, Liz Rau, daydream about. It is a true joy to create a world unlike your own. One with mysteries, plot twists and just a little bit of magic. Or is it magick? I've always believed history can teach us so much, and our imagination can take us to so many places we once only knew in our dreams.

Look into your own memories, your own stories, and I'll bet there's a spark of creativity just waiting to burn.

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Pieces Of Accordance by Liz Rau

Sasha Reeds has always wanted to be a writer, but she's never known where to begin. So when her grandmother leaves her an old photograph of a house in Missouri, she finally feels inspired to write. But when secrets of the house begin to unfold, and the town's most romantic love story comes to light, things start to feel more like a memory from a dream than reality. What has Sasha gotten herself into? The one secret that may unlock the mystery of the house, and the reason Sasha feels so drawn to the small town life, is hidden inside a trunk in the attic. But without the key, will Sasha ever discover what her story is?
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The Savannah Article by Liz Rau

What happens when a young journalist shadows Hollywood’s number one actor? Perhaps, not what you may think…From the author of Pieces of Accordance comes an exciting new romance: The Savannah Article.


Cole Black waited six months to get her first assignment with FTP Magazine, but had she known it would turn her life upside down, she may have reconsidered. Charged with portaying an actor as an everyday man, will she be able to deal with Joshua Danes and his ego? Not to mention his charming Hollywood appeal?

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