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Day 20 - The Irish Witch

Dame Alice Kyteler, who owned the Kyteler Inn, in Kilkenny, where she would lure local businessmen with her charms, taking their gifts and money. She survived four husbands, although gossip has it that it was through her own machinations. Between those possible murders and her talk against the Church, she was ill looked upon. She was the first to be accused of witchcraft in Ireland, although she managed to escape and was never heard from again. #Irish #witch #witches #Hallowe


There's perhaps one story that's famous more than any other. That's the story of Ursula Shipton. When there are so many myths built around a person, what does it say about that person? For Ursula Southeil, better known as Mother Shipton, perhaps the added mystery — however fictitious — is a testament to her enduring reputation. Mother Shipton was a feared and highly regarded English prophetess of the 16th century. Born to a mother, who was also suspected to be a witch, Mother

Day 1 - Let the 31 Days of October Begin!

Let the witching hour begin! Because I write a story that associates with the Salem Witch Trials, people assume I'm somehow a practicing witch. And while the exact point of my books point out that judgment such as that is incredibly ignorant, I'm going to embrace the title this October season and bring you various legends of Witches. You're welcome. First up on Day 1, we have The Witch of Endor. Sounds spooky already, right? But who was this witch? The Christian Bible has an

The Trials received it's first fan gift.

As you may know, "The Trials: Secrets, Spells and Tales" was my first published book. It's a small tale about a girl who is searching for who she really is, and when she discovers she has connections to the Salem Witch Trials - and a gypsy - her whole world turns upside down. Being that this tale is my first book, aka my "book baby", it means a lot to me that people are not only loving the story, but ready for it's sequel, "Spellbound: Secrets, Spells and Tales". AND... my "b

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