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Honeymoon Island? Life With Liz - Season 2!

Ever wonder what life is like on a reality TV show? Find out on my latest episode! Follow Katie on Instagram at @kmuller15 to catch up on what her life is like now! #MAFS #HoneymoonIsland #KatieMuller #LizRau #LifeWithLiz #ampodcasting #podcast #denver #colorado #Coloradoauthor

Stream of Consciousness

Sometimes in life, there are moments - mere seconds - that resonate with us. By chance, I heard something in a podcast last week that influenced me and has been on my mind. This week, I tried to put those things into action and focus, and tried not to talk about how busy I am. Take a listen and drop a comment if you feel the same. #streamofconsciousness #podcast #stassi #straightupwithstassi #Laurenberge

I'm a 10/10-er

Happy Birthday to me! Day 10 of the 31 Days of October! I've always had a strong love for Judy Garland. So it's know surprise that October 10th was a very important day for her, too. Looks like we're always going to have October in common, Judy. PLUS, I'm giving everybody a gift from Thrive Market! Go to: and get 25% off! And hey! Check out my newest podcast! #birthday #october #31DaysOfOctober #podcast #thrivemarket

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