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It starts with an idea.

Writing starts with an idea. And, if you have them written down, the idea tends to stick around. Like this one, that I blogged about: Why am I rambling on about this? Because I often find myself on the road, driving through various towns. Two year ago, after I departed from Atchison, KS - which as an adorable downtown area that is a true throwback in time - I started seeing signs for Oskaloosa. Oskaloosa? The name caught my attention. How did they decide on this as the town n

The Savannah Article - Ch 1

For day 27 of #31DaysOfOctober, we have a special treat! Chapter 1 from The Savannah Article! Available in paperback now on Amazon, eBooks available for pre-purchase until 10/31! Gordon Jewelers in Boonville, MO will have books in store the middle of next week! Chapter One Cole Black sipped on her piping hot mocha as she stepped into Kansas City’s FTPMagazineconference room, her black pumps clacking against the dark bamboo floors as she passed the windows looking out onto the

Finding Inspiration

Inspiration. What an strong and powerful word. Really, I mean it. There are many who wander for inspiration, many who feel like they may never find it. Inspiration is just an ideal to some, just a word to others and to people like me, it's everything. I always get my best ideas when my mind is clear. This could be when I'm driving down the road zoned out to music, or when I'm working out and get a burst of energy. Sometimes reading books or watching movies creates inspiration

Sneak a peek at Pieces of Accordance

chapter six. Charles couldn’t believe his own eyesight. Every opportunity he gained to see his breathtaking fiancé, he swore she was more beautiful than the time before. There she was, right next to the baker and his wife, spinning like a vision of gold thread about the dance floor. Charles was sure he was not the only soul enthralled by Eliza, as the whole town - including the Judge – seemed to have their eyes magnetically glued to the dancing beauty. Honestly, it was no won

So many Pieces to a puzzle.

Pieces of Accordance (#PiecesByRau) is my second book and extremely personal. If you've read the book, you know I had the privilege of growing up in a historic home in mid-Missouri. As the story goes, it was built by a saloon owner who's wife wanted to be a part of high society - so the ever abiding husband built her a Queen Anne Victorian house over on High Street. This house - my childhood home - was the first piece of inspiration for the book. There were so many cool, orig

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