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Let's Talk Liz.

Boonville, Missouri born and raised, Liz Rau now resides in Colorado. As an avid and passionate supporter of the performance arts community, Liz’s background and hobbies include dance, choreography, theatre and writing. With six nieces and nephews, she often considers her role as an “Auntie” as one of her greatest pleasures in life. She also dotes on her two cats, one of which is black & fluffy…perhaps the real-life inspiration for Hanks? Liz also find inspiration through Judy Garland movies, Christmas lights, music, rainy days, daydreams, and of course, good old fashioned people watching.

When she set out to write, she started with topics that fascinated her - like the Salem Witch Trials. But then, she started writing more of what she, herself, wanted to read. Cozy, magical, mysterious and romantic novels that kept the reader entertained. 

Fun Facts!


* Born & raised in Boonville, MO

*Currently a Denver, CO implant since 2013

*Grew up dancing and as a choreographer

*Have written, directed and produced youth theatre

*Professionally work in travel

*Fur-mommy of two cats: Puffin & Daisy

*Love to cook (Vegan)

*London is my favorite place in the world

*Consider myself half-Southern (thank you Mom!)

*October is my favorite time of year

*Can be seen as an extra in films Killer Diller and Mere Sentience

*Naturally curly (eh... wavy) hair

*Jane Austen was a Goddess

*Black is my favorite color, gold and purple are tied for second

*I have a Dooney & Burke closet :)

*Lover of shoes

*Traveled to Charleston, Savannah, Boston and Salem in 2017 - all places in my books (current or future).

*In 2018, I traveled to London and Paris, looking for new romantic and whimsical inspirations for future novels. 

In 2019, I traveled to Scandinavia.

In 2020, I traveled to France, where I was married on

Friday, the 13th. 


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